The Nacey Maggioncalda Foundation
funding primate research and conservation

Founder and Director

Anne Nacey Maggioncalda, PhD

Anne received a PhD in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy from Duke University in 1995. Her research focused on the evolution of reproductive strategies in male orangutans. Anne has taught at UCSF and Stanford medical schools and in the Human Biology Program at Stanford University. Her most recent publication with coauthor Robert Sapolsky is "Disturbing Behaviors of the Orangutan" in Scientific American Mind,  May 2009

Anne is forever grateful to Jeff Maggioncalda and Cindy and Evan Goldberg for helping allow NMF to promote learning about and positively impacting the lives of our close relatives and the humans they live with.

Assistant Director
Alison Nacey Maggioncalda, BA

Alison majored in Human Biology and graduated from Stanford University, in 2014. She received honors for her research on religiosity and psychological resilience in Christian and Muslim rural Tanzania communities. Alison currently teaches in Stanford's Program in Human BiologyShe has published several articles in Advances in Hematology, including "Clinical, Molecular, and Environmental Risk Factors for Hodgkin Lymphoma," 2011.

Scientific Advisory Board
Anthony Di Fiore, PhD - Department of Anthropology, University of Texas, Austin
William L. Hylander, PhD - Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University
Peter Kappeler, PhD - University of Gottingen and German Primate Center
Cheryl Knott, PhD - Department of Anthropology, Boston University
Robert M. Sapolsky, PhD - Departments of Biology and Neurological Sciences, Stanford University
David P. Watts, PhD - Department of Anthropology, Yale University
Tim D. White, PhD - Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Anne Yoder, PhD - Departments of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University

Operations Advisor
John Mitani, PhD - Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Anne and Jeff Maggioncalda. Jeff is the former President and CEO of Financial Engines, Inc. and his generosity has made this foundation possible. The foundation is also funded by a generous gift from Cindy Maggioncalda Goldberg and Evan Goldberg, co-founder of Netsuite.